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  • Open panoramic terrace
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  • Premium SPA complex
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Cableways Gondola

The resort offers modern and safe gondola, chair and conveyor lifts from the world’s leading manufacturers - Doppelmayr and SunKid.

There are 7 operating cableways at our resort, 5 of which are conveyor belt lifts (travelator), 1 chairlift and 1 gondola lift. The operation of resort’s cableways are divided into three sections - training slopes and tubing, chairlift and gondola lift. The main lift, which operates all year round, is an 8-person gondola lift that will take you to the altitude of up to 2,290 meters above sea level.

Operation of the lifts

The sale of free walking tour tickets and ski passes (bike passes) ends 30 minutes before the last ascent. Due to the nature of the mountainous terrain, the schedule of the resort’s cableways can be changed without prior notice, depending on weather conditions and operational needs.

Resort is not responsible for weather conditions during use of services. For more information on weather forecasts and the operation schedule of lifts, please contact information center at +998 (71) 200-22-90.

Lift type Length Capacity (per hour) Working hours Status
Gondola "Amirsoy Express" gondola 2 193 meters 2 400 persons 9am to 16pm
Gondola "Prima" gondola 2 193 meters 2 400 persons 9am to 16pm
Chairlift "Chalet Express" chairlift 686 meters 2 400 persons 9am to 16pm
Travelator "Beginners" magic_carpet 120 meters 1 680 persons 9am to 16pm
Tubing tubing 90 meters 1 680 persons 9am to 16pm

Resort slopes slopes

The resort has 15 km of slopes of varying difficulty levels with 660 meters of elevation difference. The modern snowmaking system guarantees a long skiing season of up to 100-120 days a year, depending on the altitude of the slopes. The resort's slopes are available for training as well as skiing and snowboarding on varying skill levels - from beginner to advanced.

Slope Difficulty Length Height difference
Papa 3 550 meters 637 meters
Charlie 3 353 meters 608 meters
Bravo 2 869 meters 582 meters
Alfa 1 923 meters 407 meters
Tango 860 meters 342 meters
Oscar 913 meters 42 meters
Oscar Lane A 1527 meters 48 meters
Oscar Lane B 194 meters 42 meters
Oscar Lane С 279 meters 48 meters
Oscar Lane D 227 meters 46 meters

Resort map

Resort map shows the location of public facilities within Amirsoy Resort. Ask for a printed version of the map at the Information Center located on the first floor of Atmosphere Multifunctional Center (provided free of charge).

A word about the trails: each trail is assigned a value according to the phonetic alphabet of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). We have decided to play with the standard alphabetic mechanism and name our trails according to their difficulty, importance, popularity or location.

Alpha - the very first slope of the resort as the letter ‘A’ is the first in alphabet.

Bravo - the slope is laid in the middle of a beautiful and rocky relief and evergreen junipers. After descending, the daredevils say “bravo!” to themselves for overcoming this slope.

Charlie - is one of the most remote and longest slopes that runs along the ridge from the summit of the resort to the lower station of chairlift. We definitely recommend it!

Papa - originally the only technical road leading to the summit of Amirsoy, which we have turned into the longest slope of the resort with a length of 3,550 meters.⠀ ⠀ ⠀

Tango - you have to move energetically, in the rhythm of tango on this short but rugged slope. Shall we dance?

Oscar Lane - an area for gorgeous photos and selfies, since the slope passes near the most important facilities of the resort, moreover, you can view magnificent sunsets in the background. The most artistic ones, as we all know, are awarded Oscar!

Beginners (ski academy) - slopes for the most basic level of skiing and snowboarding, which allows to achieve desired results in a very short period of time - we promise you!