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  • Open panoramic terrace
  • Fireplace
  • Brazier
  • Fully equipped kitchen
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  • Premium SPA complex
  • Traditional Russian banya
  • 4 Restaurants
  • Personalized Concierge
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  • Guided mountain hiking tours
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  • Heated outdoor pool

The hiking trails are open in spring, summer, and fall and are available as self-guided or guided tours. Routes from the top of the resort open panoramic views to Greater Chimgan (3,309 m), Kumbel (2,307 m), Jar (2,937 m) and the adjacent ridges of the Ugam-Chatkal State Nature Park, the Nurekatasai River valley and the surrounding mountains.

An easy but long route along the ridge from Amirsoy Peak towards Maigashkan Peak (2310 m) or in the opposite direction - towards Kumbel Peak (2307 m), with descent on the northern slope down to the main Amirsoy Resort plateau will allow travelers to move from one viewpoint to another, imprint the trip to the mountains in photos that could be the envy of many other people. At different times of the year, the mountain landscapes give tourists unique experiences: snowfields that have not melted since winter and blooming alpine meadows in early summer, coolness in the heat of July and August, the fire of autumn colors in September and October.

Weather conditions at the top of the resort can differ significantly from those at the bottom, so tourists should be prepared: in addition to comfortable footwear, sun protection and a spare piece of outerwear should be taken care of. The trail is open for free self-guided visits.

Altitude: 1,630-2,300 m above sea level. The altitude difference is about ~500 m.

Make sure to bring: comfortable clothing covering arms and legs, hiking shoes, drinking water, sunscreen, sunglasses, headgear.

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